How can Florin “Pilo” Hilbay be an effective senator if he cannot handle dissent?

Florin “Pilo” Hilbay’s only platform for running for a Senate seat is his having topped the Bar exam. And yellows like Jover Laurio are so impressed that he topped it while having a girlfriend on the side. That’s how shallow they are. They assume everyone else is impressed by people who can memorise Philippine laws.

I’d be impressed with Hilbay if he can show us he can argue like a real lawyer on social media or at least allow other points of view on his timeline. But, no. He blocks everyone who disagrees with his views. If he can’t handle dissent on social media, he should close his account.

Even Yellow journalist Marites Vitug calls Hilbay out for being intolerant of dissenting views and goes as far as pointing out his penchant for “hyperinflating his importance”.

Indeed, this has been a week of yellows exposing fellow yellows as frauds and with a strong sense of entitlement! We can only watch in amusement.

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