Florin Hilbay reveals his NARCISSISTIC tendencies!

Opposition senatorial candidate Florin “Pilo” Hilbay sucks at campaigning, which is why he is now losing the race. He does not even have a track record of being a good administrator. All he has are promises to go against Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s policies. He’s not being smart. Duterte still enjoys a high satisfaction rating. […]

People who claim “press freedom” is “under threat” are LIARS

Is Philippine media REALLY under threat? Opposition “thought leaders” keep shrieking that it is. But there seems to be absolutely no evidence that this is true. At best, the notion remains DEBATABLE. Trouble is, Yellowtards aren’t willing to have that debate and prefer, instead, to latch on to their mere beliefs and the preachings of […]

Emerging info on Kris Aquino’s financial links with lawyer @GideonPena – #PABoostNga

More leaked screenshots seem to point to a strong financial link between lawyer Gideon Pena and the Crazy Rich One herself, Kris Aquino. According to some sources, Pena is retained as “legal consultant” to Aquino allegedly to the tune of 100,000 pesos. But speculation is rife that the scope of this contract (which, reportedly, is […]

Tradition of slobbery in Philippine public places mars Christmas 2018. Again.

Filipino “Netizens” are supposedly at arms over the latest littering scandal to make the rounds — this year, specifically, the mounds of rubbish left by Christmas revelers at the Luneta this year. Again. But this just follows a long tradition of slobbery as evident in these search results. Yellowtard senatorial candidate Florin Hilbay went as […]

Did the Yellowtards who called on fans to “wear black” walk their talk during the game?

The Opposition led by the Yellowtards should improve the way they co-ordinate their “activism”. After an impassioned call for basketballdom to wear black during Game 1 of the UAAP match between the University of the Philippines and the Ateneo, nobody seemed to have heeded the ill-thought-out “urge”. Not even Yellowtard senatorial candidate Florin Hilbay could […]

How can Florin “Pilo” Hilbay be an effective senator if he cannot handle dissent?

Florin “Pilo” Hilbay’s only platform for running for a Senate seat is his having topped the Bar exam. And yellows like Jover Laurio are so impressed that he topped it while having a girlfriend on the side. That’s how shallow they are. They assume everyone else is impressed by people who can memorise Philippine laws. […]

Why did Florin Hilbay change his name to “Pilo”?

I mean, seriously, have you ever met a Batang Tondo named “Florin”? If you stepped out onto a Tondo street and introduced yourself to the neighbourhood siga as “Florin”, the last words you’d likely recall after waking up in a hospital are “Florin pala ha…” So, yeah, it’s not surprising that Florin “The Blocker” Hilbay […]

So what if Florin Hilbay was once poor? How does that make him a better legislator?

Yellowtards say they are voting for Florin Hilbay because he is “Matalino at Magaling. Taga-Tondo na nagtapos sa UP.” Sure. He and every other politician out scrounging for votes have their own claim to the Batang Yagit narrative. But the more important question is this… What is his vision for the Philippines and what is […]