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Jover Laurio can’t seem to issue a valid counterargument if her life depended on it. She seems to take pride in being able to type the word “kangaroo” in her tweets as evident in this recent one… Taking that logic and running with it, here would be the equivalent response to that. “Back to regular…

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Social media academic Antonio Contreras tweeted something that captures the lost essence of online discourse… “In the academe, we don’t block people who disagree with us. We prove them wrong.” (or something to that effect). See, the thing with online discourse nowadays is that people no longer see it as a competitive landscape. Ideas need…

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Florin “Pilo” Hilbay’s only platform for running for a Senate seat is his having topped the Bar exam. And yellows like Jover Laurio are so impressed that he topped it while having a girlfriend on the side. That’s how shallow they are. They assume everyone else is impressed by people who can memorise Philippine laws.…

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