Desperation of Rappler CEO @MariaRessa on exhibit as she lashes out at bloggers!

Oooohhh…as if calling me a “minor, minor blogger” is a valid argument. As what they say, people like Maria Ressa who resort to insults are desperate. At least I’m not the one who’s in trouble with the law. Here is Ressa’s desperation on exhibit…

Hahahaha – wrong on every point, but once a propagandist, always a propagandist. Keep going with that minor minor blogger …

Seems Maria Ressa thinks only high profile people have credibility. Calling me a “minor minor blogger” says a lot about the way she looks down on those who she considers beneath her. In a truly egalitarian society, everyone has a voice, even ordinary people.

Not only did Maria Ressa call me a “minor minor blogger”, she also accused me of being a propagandist. What’s her basis in saying this? I base my opinion on facts. The fact is, she violated the rules on foreign media ownership and is in trouble for tax evasion.

Unfortunately, Maria Ressa exposed herself as an elitist and a credentialist in a single tweet. She thinks I’m a propagandist just because she doesn’t agree with my views and claims I’m a minor minor blogger just because…I have no idea why she thinks I’m a minor minor blogger.

If Ressa is really an advocate of rule of law and wants people to respect the constitution, then she should have followed the law when she registered her site and paid the taxes accordingly. She violated the law on foreign media ownership and did not pay right taxes.

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