UP University Student Council chair @RafaelToribio has yet to comment on the Upsilon Sigma Phi leak scandal

Recently, the University of the Philippines Law Student Government (UP LSG) had sprung into action to sanction its own community. This is in the aftermath of the devastating group chat leak that possibly revealed a deeply-disturbing dark toxic culture at the heart of the UP’s most prestigious fraternity, Upsilon Sigma Phi (Upsilon).

The ultimatum given to LSG members who are Upsilon “brods” is clear…

3.) Treas Lustre, BGC Day Rep Cruz, BGC Eve Rep Masiglat, & 1BR Nuñez will be required to submit a statement of condemnation regarding the frat-related incidents last Nov. 13 & 14, and identify those who were involved in said incidents.

…and that, further to this, “Failure to submit such within 2 weeks may subject them to other disciplinary sanctions.”

As of this writing, USC chair Yael Toribio has kept mum on Twitter about the Upsilon Sigma Phi leaks scandal.

But what of that other high profile “brod” sitting at the top of that other lofty university institution, the University Student Council (USC)? All that its chair and Upsilon “brod” Yael Toribio, had said is that he is taking a “leave of absence” from what he describes is a fraternity that “is not the fraternity I joined”.

That’s too few words that falls short of the categorical condemnation these revelations demand. It’s time Toribio step up and do the right thing. Mr. Toribio, please DON’T us.

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