Filipinos don’t need ANOTHER “people power revolution”!

It is quite unbelievable that the Yellowtards are calling for yet another “people power” circus. It is even more bizarre that they’d call it to support the plight of embattled “senator” Antonio Trillanes who remains holed up in the Senate building.

Gone are the days when the term “people power” evoked romantic images of people dressed in yellow praying the rosary side by side with nuns on Manila’s streets. Scenes like that have gone from cool to baduy like those cobra hairstyles of yore.

What is even more ridiculous is how the Yellowtards now make Trillanes the centre of their call to action. They seem to be so tone deaf in their reading of the public sentiment to see just how damaging this is to the broader Philippine Opposition that they presume to lead.

It really is high time that the Philippine Opposition ditch the Yellowtards. Filipinos deserve a better Opposition — one that knows how to evolve and not remain imprisoned by obsolete notions of what is politically potent.

The Yellowtards have, in fact, lost their potency as a political force. Their partisans are even too embarrassed to wear their yellow colours in the lame street rallies they organise nowadays.

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