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Trillanes uses the Sto Nino to prove he is one of the “good guys”! šŸ˜®

Here we go. It was only a matter of time before embattled “senator” Antonio Trillanes started using Catholic idols and icons and surrounding himself with nuns to bolster his cause. It is the traditionally pathetic way Filipino politicians appeal to the Philippines’ religious masses.

These are the sorts of stunts that keep the Philippines’ poltical discourse stunted at Medieval levels of intelligence. It is also an insult to the millions of Catholics who practice their faith in a manner uncoloured by politics.

Note too those Catholic nuns who surround him. Does this mean they exclude from their prayers the huge numbers of Filipinos who think very little of Trillanes? Are they, in effect, endorsing a military mutineer who endangered thousands of Filipino lives and threatened a duly-elected civilian government?

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It is no wonder the Roman Catholic Church suffers from a crisis of credibility and it is no wonder Philippine politics remains as brain-dead as it is today. It is because of dishonest people like “senator” Antonio Trillanes.

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