Maria Ressa INSULTS the Philippines’ judiciary by taking her tax evasion case to a FOREIGN court

Tax evasion is a domestic issue that can be handled internally within the Philippines through its criminal justice system. It seems, however, that Rappler CEO Maria Ressa begs to be above that system and, in essence, above Philippine law itself.

News has recently come out that celebrity lawyer Amal Clooney will be “representing” Ressa in some sort of case seemingly framed around, you guessed it, “media freedom”…

“Maria Ressa is a courageous journalist who is being persecuted for reporting the news and standing up to human rights abuses. We will pursue all available legal remedies to vindicate her rights and defend press freedom and the rule of law in the Philippines,” Clooney said in a press statement released by London-based law firm Doughty Street Chambers announcing the relationship.

In what court will this legal battle be fought? Nowhere in this CNN International “report” are such specifics mentioned.

Ressa to Philippine courts: Talk to my glamorous foreign lawyer.

What is disturbing is that the charges against Ressa are very specific. But Clooney, disrespectfully lumps all these together into an arbitrary bucket CNN suggests she calls “charges that critics say are designed to silence her.”

Wow. Case framed around a flakey opinion issued by a nebulous community arbitrarily labelled “Duterte’s critics”. Sounds like a real winner of a case there.

Filipinos should watch this space. Perhaps there is yet another case to be filed against Ressa unfolding here — one that could be built around her very evident contempt for the Philippines’ very own and fully-functional criminal justice system.

#DefendPressFreedom is just the latest snowflake fashion statement

“Attack on press freedom”. Seriously? If that notion even remotely made sense, then there’d be an industry-wide backlash. The fact is, there isn’t one. It’s really just Rappler CEO Maria Ressa raising a big stink about this mythological “attack”.

Why does Maria Ressa believe “press freedom” is “under attack”? Perhaps it is because her failed project Rappler is under legal and financial attack. Thing is, legal and financial attacks are real adult problems. “Attacks” on “press freedom”, on the other hand aren’t. The latter is just a quaint girly fantasy created by a failed CEO to distract people from the reality that much of what troubles her are problems of her own making.

Maria Ressa needs to woman up. She needs to set a good example to womandom and take accountability for what she really did — neglect her duties as CEO to run Rappler as a business the way a professional manager would. Instead of doing that Ressa instead dragged Rappler and the fortunes of her investors and the careers of her employees into the dark world of her personal adolescent peeves.

According to @TIME Magazine, Rappler CEO Maria Ressa is being harassed for being a Tax Evader!

Read this idiotic TIME Magazine article. It presumes to “report” on Fake News Crybaby and Rappler CEO Maria Ressa claiming that “the looming threat of tax evasion charges against prominent Philippine journalist Maria Ressa has prompted an outpouring of support” mainly coming from (who else?) “journalists around the world”.

But of course. “Journalists” are the 21st Century’s biggest crybabies because they’ve in recent times had their candy — domination of the planet’s information dissemination infrastructure — taken from them unceremoniously. They go about their monumental tantrum by putting up their own personal Satan — “fake news”.

Rather than redeem themselves and compete to regain a decent share of their lost pie, they instead ratchet up the dishonesty in their discredited craft. This recent article where they elevate Ressa to industry martyr is the latest example of the abomination their industry had become. Nowhere in this “report” are actual facts about Ressa’s tax evasion charges presented. That’s not just being biased, that’s just being plain dishonest.

Only a Philippine court can decide whether or not Rappler CEO Maria Ressa is guilty of tax evasion

The embattled CEO of Rappler continues her dramatics all the way to court to defend herself against tax evasion charges. In a recent tweet, Maria Ressa insisted that these are charges for crimes she “didn’t commit”.

But, really, Ressa’s innocence or guilt on the matter of her tax evasion charges is not for anyone to decide other than a Philippine court.

Nonetheless, Yellowtards continue to emotionally-blackmail its peers in the industry, ABS-CBN News and GMA News Online to “speak out” on Maria Ressa’s “plight”. Thing is there really is nothing to say on the matter other than that alleged crooks should observe due process and respect the ruling of Philippine courts.

Maria Ressa should behave like a professional rather than like a spoilt brat when facing her tax evasion charges

The demise of Rappler will ultimately be good for the Philippines’ news media industry — because Rappler, led by its CEO Maria Ressa, is disproportionately responsible for casting the entire industry under a bad light thanks to their taste for shrill dramas.

For that matter, why does Maria Ressa keep bothering the Filipino people with her problems? There are so many people dying of hunger and diseases but she keeps giving this impression that she has to be prioritised. Had she kept her affairs in order, she wouldn’t be in this predicament.

According to Rappler minion Chay Hofilena, Ressa declares: “I’m going to challenge the process and I’m going to challenge the charges…I will continue to hold the government accountable.”

To that we say, please do. But do it in a proper court, not in that Court of Public Opinion favoured by the Yellowtards.

Opposition “influencers” loyal to people and credentials rather than to principles and ideas

Opposition “influencers” are quick to defend Rappler CEO Maria Ressa against charges of tax evasion filed by the Philippines’ Justice Department.

Dear trolls and DDS , check the definition of “alleged”. There will be a hearing. And until then the tax evasion is still a case. No decision yet. So take time to research. I know your style is to make @mariaressa guilty via trolling.

But when it comes to other people not from their camp, the Opposition is ok to do away with due process. That’s why they are quick to accuse us of being “Marcos paid hacks”, propagandists and paint Duterte as a “mass murderer”. They are a joke!

People should be saying “I stand with the rule of law” and not with any particular individual.

The problem with some Pinoys is they are beholden to those with so-called “awards” and celebrity status. In other words, they are star-struck ignoramuses.

As expected, the @NYTimes comes to Rappler’s rescue in its defense against tax evasion charges

As expected, trust Rappler’s chi chi amigas halfway around the world to weigh in on its “plight” with a “report” on the matter. Alexandra Stevenson reports in the recent New York Times piece “Philippines Says It Will Charge Veteran Journalist Critical of Duterte” that the Philippine government intends to pursue a tax evasion case against the “social news network” that is centred “on a 2015 investment in Rappler by the Omidyar Network, an American organization owned by Pierre Omidyar, the founder of eBay”.

But rather than reporting on the merits of the case from the perspective of both sides, the Times provides only this factoid…

Rappler denied the charges, calling the case a “clear form of continuing intimidation and harassment,” and accused the government of trying to silence critical coverage. The penalties for tax evasion include a fine as well as up to 10 years of imprisonment.

Aside from the above, a quote from the defendant, there is no attempt to corroborate this defense from the perspective of a disinterested third party or from documentation obtained from alternative sources.

Lazy journalism seems to be infectious, indeed.