Maria Ressa INSULTS the Philippines’ judiciary by taking her tax evasion case to a FOREIGN court

Tax evasion is a domestic issue that can be handled internally within the Philippines through its criminal justice system. It seems, however, that Rappler CEO Maria Ressa begs to be above that system and, in essence, above Philippine law itself. News has recently come out that celebrity lawyer Amal Clooney will be “representing” Ressa in […]

#DefendPressFreedom is just the latest snowflake fashion statement

“Attack on press freedom”. Seriously? If that notion even remotely made sense, then there’d be an industry-wide backlash. The fact is, there isn’t one. It’s really just Rappler CEO Maria Ressa raising a big stink about this mythological “attack”. Why does Maria Ressa believe “press freedom” is “under attack”? Perhaps it is because her failed […]

According to @TIME Magazine, Rappler CEO Maria Ressa is being harassed for being a Tax Evader!

Read this idiotic TIME Magazine article. It presumes to “report” on Fake News Crybaby and Rappler CEO Maria Ressa claiming that “the looming threat of tax evasion charges against prominent Philippine journalist Maria Ressa has prompted an outpouring of support” mainly coming from (who else?) “journalists around the world”. But of course. “Journalists” are the […]

Only a Philippine court can decide whether or not Rappler CEO Maria Ressa is guilty of tax evasion

The embattled CEO of Rappler continues her dramatics all the way to court to defend herself against tax evasion charges. In a recent tweet, Maria Ressa insisted that these are charges for crimes she “didn’t commit”. But, really, Ressa’s innocence or guilt on the matter of her tax evasion charges is not for anyone to […]

Maria Ressa should behave like a professional rather than like a spoilt brat when facing her tax evasion charges

The demise of Rappler will ultimately be good for the Philippines’ news media industry — because Rappler, led by its CEO Maria Ressa, is disproportionately responsible for casting the entire industry under a bad light thanks to their taste for shrill dramas. For that matter, why does Maria Ressa keep bothering the Filipino people with […]

Opposition “influencers” loyal to people and credentials rather than to principles and ideas

Opposition “influencers” are quick to defend Rappler CEO Maria Ressa against charges of tax evasion filed by the Philippines’ Justice Department. Dear trolls and DDS , check the definition of “alleged”. There will be a hearing. And until then the tax evasion is still a case. No decision yet. So take time to research. I […]

As expected, the @NYTimes comes to Rappler’s rescue in its defense against tax evasion charges

As expected, trust Rappler’s chi chi amigas halfway around the world to weigh in on its “plight” with a “report” on the matter. Alexandra Stevenson reports in the recent New York Times piece “Philippines Says It Will Charge Veteran Journalist Critical of Duterte” that the Philippine government intends to pursue a tax evasion case against […]