Maria Ressa should behave like a professional rather than like a spoilt brat when facing her tax evasion charges


The demise of Rappler will ultimately be good for the Philippines’ news media industry — because Rappler, led by its CEO Maria Ressa, is disproportionately responsible for casting the entire industry under a bad light thanks to their taste for shrill dramas.

For that matter, why does Maria Ressa keep bothering the Filipino people with her problems? There are so many people dying of hunger and diseases but she keeps giving this impression that she has to be prioritised. Had she kept her affairs in order, she wouldn’t be in this predicament.

According to Rappler minion Chay Hofilena, Ressa declares: “I’m going to challenge the process and I’m going to challenge the charges…I will continue to hold the government accountable.”

To that we say, please do. But do it in a proper court, not in that Court of Public Opinion favoured by the Yellowtards.

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