Opposition “influencers” loyal to people and credentials rather than to principles and ideas


Opposition “influencers” are quick to defend Rappler CEO Maria Ressa against charges of tax evasion filed by the Philippines’ Justice Department.

Dear trolls and DDS , check the definition of “alleged”. There will be a hearing. And until then the tax evasion is still a case. No decision yet. So take time to research. I know your style is to make @mariaressa guilty via trolling.

But when it comes to other people not from their camp, the Opposition is ok to do away with due process. That’s why they are quick to accuse us of being “Marcos paid hacks”, propagandists and paint Duterte as a “mass murderer”. They are a joke!

People should be saying “I stand with the rule of law” and not with any particular individual.

The problem with some Pinoys is they are beholden to those with so-called “awards” and celebrity status. In other words, they are star-struck ignoramuses.

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