Vico Sotto plays the “Solidarity with the Poor” Card to score virtue points!

Recent attempts by Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto to pander to the “plight” of striking workers of Regent Food Corporation proves he is an immature and misguided traditional politician. What a disgrace, indeed. This son-of-celebrities-turned-mayor is just playing to the “solidarity with the poor” crowd to rack up PR mileage. He knows nothing about the […]

An influx of Chinese workers inducing rise in property values is not a bad thing

Some “analysts” are making it look like rising property prices which they attribute to an influx of Chinese and other foreign workers are a bad thing. On the contrary this is an opportunity that could result in the creation of more jobs. Rising prices are a sign of pressure on supply due to increasing demand. […]

Martial Law “playbook”? How about that FAMILIAR communist infiltration strategy CLEARLY evident today?

We can see today just how virulent Filipino communists could be. They have once again successfully infiltrated mainstream Opposition politics, evident in the way left-of-centre liberals amongst the Yellowtard-led Philippine Opposition are comfy in bed with commies and their crooked terrorist sympathisers. They keep harping about the “Martial Law Playbook” of the Duterte administration. But […]

“Sipag” is for losers. “Talino” is where the MONEY is!

The eminent Nick Joaquin observed this about the inefficiency of Filipino labour in his seminal piece A Heritage of Smallness… The Filipino who travels abroad gets to thinking that his is the hardest working country in the world. By six or seven in the morning we are already up on our way to work, shops […]