Martial Law “playbook”? How about that FAMILIAR communist infiltration strategy CLEARLY evident today?

We can see today just how virulent Filipino communists could be. They have once again successfully infiltrated mainstream Opposition politics, evident in the way left-of-centre liberals amongst the Yellowtard-led Philippine Opposition are comfy in bed with commies and their crooked terrorist sympathisers.

They keep harping about the “Martial Law Playbook” of the Duterte administration. But it is easy to note that these commies are also in the midst of an astounding replay of the very same playbook that marked the Philippines caught in the grip of the Cold War in the 1970s.

Labour militancy is on the rise as labour strikes fomented by virulent communist propaganda now rages across Philippine industry. This could be threatening a stellar economic record so far being chalked up by the Philippines again exhibiting the same pattern of boom being busted by communist sabotage.

The real problem here is the disturbing audacity with which the communists now assert their influence on Philippine society. They are inciting violence with impunity, recruiting fighters from university campuses in broad daylight, and vandalising public property for the cameras.

They must be stopped or at least put back in their place as merely quaint relics or a misguided and obsolete but violent ideology.

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