Arrest warrant for Trillanes’s non-bailable Oakwood Mutiny offense out possibly today!

A little birdie (more like an extinct dodo) is screeching about the large police presence around the Senate on standby in case the much-awaited second warrant of arrest for mutineer-turned-senator Antonio Trillanes comes into effect.

Well, what else would one do given Trillanes is being made out to be some sort of dodoic “hero” by the Yellowtards? You wouldn’t want someone endangering the life of their latest “hero”, right?

This police presence is being derided as too “OA” (overacting) by the Yellowtards. Well, if they step back from their shrill “activism” they will find that Trillanes was the one who started all the theatrics by holing himself up in a cowardly manner in his Senate building office. This is what actually turned this thing into the big circus that it is now. Trillanes is the OA one in this quaint drama.

For that matter, Yellowtardism is inherently OA. Trillanes is just a product of that whole backward political subculture.

[Photo source: Jonathan Andal]

Only a JUDGE can rule on whether what Trillanes did was right or wrong

Having their cake and eating it too. The Yellowtards want it all. Many of their “activists” are now defending the embattled mutineer-turned-senator Antonio Trillanes on the basis of what they unilaterally declared a “patriotic duty” to “resist the corruption and bankruptcy of the Arroyo government”.

That is just wrong and illegal at many levels. First of all, governments that have done bad — or good for that matter — are judged by Filipino voters in an exercise called, guess what: elections. It was not up to Trillanes to decide that. He, in effect, attempted to steal that right from Filipino voters when he launched his military adventurism in the early- to mid-2000s.

Second, it is not up to Yellowtard activists to determine whether what Trillanes did was wrong or right. That is for a judge to decide. It seems the Yellowtards have their pointed heads so far up their asses that they cannot seem to see beyond their perverse and borderline criminal sense of entitlement.

Indeed, if there is anyone who is killing Philippine democracy, it is the Yellowtards. Their idea of selective democracy is dangerous and anathema to the stability Filipinos need in order to prosper.

Trillanes’s arrest proves that democracy is NOT DEAD but is busy at work SERVING the Filipino people

Yellowtards should get over their shrill screeching fits and take stock of the real situation outside of their little echo chambers. Democracy is not “dead” as they would like all Filipinos to believe. One thing the arrest of Trillanes proves is that democracy is alive and kicking ass.

The way things are going, it is only right that Antonio Trillanes’s ass be rendered a bright shade of red after all the kicking it will be getting in the coming days. For one thing, the mutineer-turned-senator has been using the Senate premises as his personal hotel suite. Not a bad deal for a service paid for by Filipino taxpayers. It’s time he move to more permanent accomodation — perhaps one where he can really prove what a big “hero” he really is.

After all, Trillanes deliberately and consciously broke the law. And he broke a really big one — using military resources to threaten a legitimate civilian government. He actually sought to DESTROY an entire Philippine government. Wow! And to think the Yellowtards are such big shills when it comes to whining about the “evil” ways of the Philippine military establishment.

Good thing Philippine democracy is ALIVE and at the service of the Filipino people. The Yellowtards prefer to believe it is dead — perhaps because their agenda as a political bloc really does not involve serving Filipinos nor serving their country.

A call to #StandWithTrillanes is a call to DISRESPECT the law and the Philippines’ justice system

Yellowtards are busy raising issues that they deem “more important” than arresting mutineer-turned-senator Antonio Trillanes. The argument is that there are other things worth the president’s time. But, really, Trillanes is facing serious charges — no less than the offense of using military resources in an attempt to overthrow a legitimate civilian government.

So what do the Yellowtards do? They issue a call to “Stand with Trillanes”.

But what exactly does “standing with” Trillanes mean?

Certainly there is no notion of doing this within the framework of the law as it is quite clear that due process had been followed in evaluating Trillanes’s case and issuing this arrest warrant. Unless Trillanes’s fans can find a legal argument against what is about to happen to Trillanes, there really is no sensible ground to stand on and certainly not one involving standing “with” Trillanes.

The Yellowtards really shouldn’t worry as they supposedly have, as they like to keep pointing out, the most prayerful legal minds at their disposal. How can prayerful lawyers lose a case, right? No less than God is on their side.

Will Trillanes keep his word and honour the ARREST WARRANT issued by the Makati RTC Br 150? Abangan!

Recall a while back, this is what mutineer-turned-senator Antonio Trillanes reportedly said…

In a Rappler Talk interview on Friday, September 14, Trillanes was asked: “Will you surrender like what Senator Leila de Lima did or magpapahabol ka sa kanila (will you let authorities run after you)?”

“No, I will surrender, submit myself. I decided to submit myself to the judicial process and whichever way it goes, ‘yun na ‘yun (that’s it),” Trillanes said.

So the million-dollar question is, will Trillanes comply quietly? At the moment, he remains holed up within the Senate premises — possibly still hoping for a “people power” circus to rescue him from his quaint predicament.

But time’s run out for him and his hopes of yet another extra-judicial solution to his legal woes dashed following issuance of an arrest warrant by the Makati Regional Trial Court Branch 150.

Abangan ang susunod na kabanata

Yellowtard slogan “democracy is dead” DISPROVEN by conviction of Palparan

The Yellowtards are hailing the conviction of former Gen Jovito Palparan as a “bright spot” and a “victory” for human rights. Let us all remember this when they again say “democracy is dead in the Philippines”. This also proves the Yellowtards were wrong in going to the International Criminal Court (ICC) for help as this is justifiable only if it can be proven that the local justice system does not work.

These Yellowtards have proven time and again how selective and utterly inconsistent their advocacies are. They hail a democratic process when it delivers an outcome aligned with their partisan agendas and launch into shrill “activist” tantrums when it goes the other way.

Filipinos should be vigilant but in a more modern and intelligent way. They should be critical of Yellowtard propaganda over a long view — to identify where they contradict themselves. Indeed, the Yellowtards are their own enemies, seen under this light.