Richard Heydarian (@RicHeydarian) says RJ Nieto has no right to criticise Leni Robredo because he lacks a college degree

Wow! Richard Heydarian is basically saying that only those with a college degree can criticise public officials like vice president Leni Robredo. This is wrong. We should be promoting egalitarianism where everyone has a voice, even ordinary people. The problem with Philippine society it that it is very credentialist. Nonetheless, Leni may have a law […]

The whole trouble with “standing with” Maria Ressa

The current fashion statement of Yellowtard supporters of embattled Rappler CEO Maria Ressa is to express on social media that they “stand with” Maria Ressa because they stand with “press freedom”. The trouble with that is you set yourself up for a potential problematic ideological conundrum whenever you declare loyalty to both ideas and people. […]


Desperation of Rappler CEO @MariaRessa on exhibit as she lashes out at bloggers!

Oooohhh…as if calling me a “minor, minor blogger” is a valid argument. As what they say, people like Maria Ressa who resort to insults are desperate. At least I’m not the one who’s in trouble with the law. Here is Ressa’s desperation on exhibit… Hahahaha – wrong on every point, but once a propagandist, always […]


Here’s why the Yellowtards are so obsessed with “fake news”…

The Opposition led by the Liberal Party (a.k.a. the Yellowtards) would like Filipinos to believe that they are also on a crusade to “protect” the public from “fake news”. Their real agenda, however, is to be seen to be the singular authority on what to see/hear and what not to see/hear. Thus, under the guise […]