Here’s why the Yellowtards are so obsessed with “fake news”…


The Opposition led by the Liberal Party (a.k.a. the Yellowtards) would like Filipinos to believe that they are also on a crusade to “protect” the public from “fake news”. Their real agenda, however, is to be seen to be the singular authority on what to see/hear and what not to see/hear. Thus, under the guise of being the self-proclaimed Fake News Police, the Yellowtards really just want the power to control the information Filipinos consume.

We can see this obsession with control over information — and, therefore, the political narrative — in the screeching tantrums they throw over “historical revisionism”. The idea that their preferred historical account of the “Martial Law Era” and the legacy this “horrific” period left in Philippine society is dogma that cannot be challenged is what is behind the rage that permeates Philippine Opposition “activism” today. It is such that practically every kind of intellectual activity — from evaluating politics to analysing economic indicators — is backward-engineered from the Yellowtard dogma.

To be seen as a battler of “Fake News” is to be seen as an authority on “right” and “wrong” information. To be seen as such gives one the power to consolidate and centralise control over the information Filipinos exchange amongst themselves. With such power, any kind of information or point of view deemed not aligned to the Yellowtard agenda can be summarily lumped into the “Fake News” pile.

Filipinos should take steps to ensure that this power the Yellowtards are trying to seize be kept democratised and not monopolised by the self-appointed Fake News Police — a role the Yellowtards salivate over.

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