Richard Heydarian (@RicHeydarian) says RJ Nieto has no right to criticise Leni Robredo because he lacks a college degree

Wow! Richard Heydarian is basically saying that only those with a college degree can criticise public officials like vice president Leni Robredo. This is wrong. We should be promoting egalitarianism where everyone has a voice, even ordinary people. The problem with Philippine society it that it is very credentialist.

Nonetheless, Leni may have a law degree, but you wouldn’t think so seeing the way she talks and analyses things. She’s more like a pabebe. It’s all subjective, of course. What you think is an insult is the truth to some people. And this is why one shouldn’t dismiss other people’s opinion.

Still, Heydarian is quick to defend Robredo

All Filipinos have a RIGHT to express their views, regardless of gender, religion or socio economic background. But to say our VP is empty headed? How on Earth is that NOT insult? Are you blind or playing a fool? Slander, libel, calumny — not exercise of freedom but abuse if it!

Well, then again, it’s hard to disagree with RJ Nieto who pointed out the obvious about the “vice president” in a clever meme that makes use of Heydarian’s pa-clever Inquirer non-article.

We should respect Nieto’s opinion. If he thinks Leni has an empty head, don’t dismiss it simply because you disagree. Perhaps ask him to explain why he thinks Leni has an empty head. Nieto would likely have pretty sound bases for saying Leni is dumb and should not simply be shut down just because you disagree with what he points out.

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