The Philippine Constitution should be amended to prevent another Leni Robredo

If there’s proof that the 1987 Yellowtard Constitution is a flawed product of a kneejerk overreaction to the threat of “another Martial Law Regime”, Leni Robredo would be it. From Day One of her “vice presidency”, Robredo has taken an obstructionist approach to fulfilling her role in government. Instead of working with her new government, […]

Why are Yellowtards like @CarlosCeldran always wishing Duterte would DIE??

Indeed, it is quite baffling. For a people who are such big fans of “democracy”, it comes across as quite bizarre that they’d wish death upon a leader who Filipinos had chosen by popular vote. After all, isn’t the institutionalisation of fundamental democratic principles a key to a healthy democracy? The mystery persists, however. In […]


Here’s how to decide who to vote for in the coming elections

Filipinos can’t rely on political parties to decide who to vote for because political parties in the Philippines don’t stand for anything. They cannot rely on social media “influencers” and “thought leaders” because they are all biased and issue their recommendations on the basis of personalities and personal relationships. The media are no help either […]