The Philippine Constitution should be amended to prevent another Leni Robredo

If there’s proof that the 1987 Yellowtard Constitution is a flawed product of a kneejerk overreaction to the threat of “another Martial Law Regime”, Leni Robredo would be it. From Day One of her “vice presidency”, Robredo has taken an obstructionist approach to fulfilling her role in government. Instead of working with her new government, she has held on to her partisan loyalties.

What is interesting is that Robredo’s office even has its own spokesperson — which if you step back to think about it, doesn’t make sense. Why have a separate spokesperson if you are part of the same administration supposedly?

Unfortunately, the Philippine Constitution requires that the Vice President be elected separately. This sets up the presidency to be a fragmented one by design — one in which a vice president will not necessarily be a team player. Leni Robredo has so far shown the worst of what had been long feared ill effects of such a system.

Leni Robredo’s PR stunts are a disgrace.

We see this now in the way Robredo’s publicity stunts serve as an unnecessary distraction from important things of national consequence. It’s time this situation is changed to spare future administrations the headache of another Leni Robredo scenario.

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