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Here’s how to decide who to vote for in the coming elections

Filipinos can’t rely on political parties to decide who to vote for because political parties in the Philippines don’t stand for anything. They cannot rely on social media “influencers” and “thought leaders” because they are all biased and issue their recommendations on the basis of personalities and personal relationships. The media are no help either — because they are private enterprises with boards of directors who play golf with politicians on weekends.

So how then should Filipinos decide who to vote for?

It’s simple, really. Filipinos should simply vote for people who don’t do the following:

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(1) Pray in public;

(2) Promise to be “pro-poor”; and,

(3) Claim to be honest.

Crossing out candidates who do even just one of the above pretty much results in you eliminating all of them. What does that say about political campaigns? Even simpler. Poltical campaigns follow overused templates of lies.

Despite politicians routinely doing any one or all of the above in virtually every election campaign since the Philippines was granted independence by the United States in 1946, Philippine society remains:

(1) Immoral despite having so many prayerful people;

(2) Poor despite so many politicians promising to solve poverty; and,

(3) Inherently-dishonest.

If this is the reality of what Philippine politics contributes to the Filipino people, then what is the point in choosing politicians in one or the other election? The answer to that is that there is no point. In the bigger scheme of things, who you choose to vote for in an election does not matter.

This coming election, just vote whoever.

But when you come out of that precinct after having cast your vote, resolve to take personal responsibility for your future prosperity and current personal challenges. By doing so, you would have made your effort to go to the precinct to vote worthwhile to yourself.

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