Mainstream media silence on @PinoyAkoBlog #PABoost circus. They now lack credibility too!

Some major media outlets are trying their best to avoid writing about the Jover/Kris exposé because they don’t want to write anything negative about their allies. But they cannot avoid it forever since lawsuits against the two could be in the works. I hope James Deakin will pursue legal action.

Jover copped major karma for accusing us of being Marcos “paid hacks”. Turns out she is the one being paid by an Aquino to attack their perceived enemies and anyone they think is associated with them like Deakin.

Their only “proof” is a photo with BBM, in Deakin’s case…tsk tsk. If we follow their logic, then everyone who is in a photo with the Aquinos or any LP member is an LP paid hack themselves. She can pretend everything is fine, but she’s done. She has zero cred.

Php18,000 spent to fund @PinoyAkoBlog ATTACK on James Deakin!

The latest leaked screenshots from behind the Yellow Curtain reveal that an astounding 18,000 pesos was spent on a Pinoy Ako Blog Facebook campaign to attack James Deakin!

The attack was likely so ferocious and the results of the funded campaign so effective that Deakin was forced to apologise to — surprise, surprise — none other than the Crazy Rich one herself

MANILA, Philippines – Automotive journalist and host James Deakin apologized to Kris Aquino for his handling of a controversy in which Deakin and politician Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr were featured in a video together.

Money well-spent (possibly by the Crazy Rich lady) it seems.

Whether it is one Filipino politician or another, the practice of using religion to further political ends should stop

Indeed, the call for all Filipino politicians to put a stop to using piety circus for their political ends goes to all regardless of camp. And that includes both Bongbong Marcos and President Rodrigo Duterte himself.

Prayer is nice. But prayer in private is even better.

The trouble with being outwardly religious is that it gives people the power to judge you. Worse, it gives power to Big Organised Religion to meddle in the politics of a supposedly secular society.

It’s time Filipinos put an end to their politicians’ lame prayer circuses and their clerics’ attempts to make themselves politically-relevant. The key to an intelligent and independent mind is right at our fingertips. It just takes a bit of effort to ditch old and primitive habits.