State of the 2022 race: Opposition can only watch as admin allies dominate

One of the best political pundits who is also a political survivor from the time of Cory up to the present. In his Manila Standard piece “The party’s over”, Lito Banayo writes…

On the political front, the party is also over for the Partido Demokratiko Pilipino, soon to sunder into different power blocs, the Bong Go wing, the Sara Duterte and Hugpong take-over, and whatever will be left of the Pacman wing.

The Pacman and his eager beavers thought they had bought the plum political flag of convenience as 2020 ended, and in haste and with little respect, failed to consult, much less inform, the President of the Republic, who only happens to be the PDP chair.

In this country and under the system foisted by the 1987 Constitution, personalities drive parties, and not the other way around. So the Pacman would have “driven” the PDP for his presidential ambitions, but then forgot that there is yet a real owner, who in 2016 converted a pedicab into a bus, and won the presidency.

This explains why Koko Pimentel’s man-friday Ronwald Munsayac, has been silent on social media platforms. Senator Manny Pacquiao (a.k.a. the Pac-Man) has stopped going on “campaign sorties” as well. Word is there is talks ongoing between Pac-Man and former senator and 2016 vice presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos (BBM) in the event Davao City Mayor and presidential daughter Sara Duterte will not run.

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno will most likely be a candidate if his backers can decide on a suitable running mate. But he may also run for VP instead. Then there is Maria Leonora Robredo. She wants to run but has to convince backers of another come-from-behind victory. Highly unlikely given the Liberal Party (LP) is now at the trisikad level in terms of number of members. Don’t be surprised if she runs as Camaeines Sur Governor.

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My personal read is the kingmaker will not be one but two – President Rodrigo Duterte (PRRD) and former President Gloria Arroyo (GMA). Between the two, it’s the latter who has the financial capability to put up a tandem and with two political parties under her control to boot – Lakas-Christian Muslim Democrats (Lakas CMD) and the National Unity Party (NUP). The Nacionalistas of Manny Villar will most likely abide by what PRRD and GMA decide on.

The Opposition should take their usual place at the ends of the water closet in preparation for the usual flushing they will get down the proverbial toilet bowl.

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