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The timing of the emergence of the so-called witness against Paolo Duterte along with a summary of supposed accounts is quite suspect. The only people buying this lame attempt at smear campaign are the gullible yellow crowd. It follows the all-too-familiar pattern of dishonest Yellowtard smear campaigning that economist David Yap handily summarises… 1. Release…

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They’re up to the same tricks again, spreading unverified reports of “narco-lists”, whistleblowers named “Bikoy”, and accompanying documents of dubious authenticity. The Opposition led by Liberal Party partisans (a.k.a. the Yellowtards) are making good once again on a track record of dishonest “information” campaigns. Back in 2012, then-newbie “new media” site Rappler dot com sprung…

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When it comes to sharing the “Bikoy” videos that supposedly expose a “narco-list” that implicates in the Philippines’ drug trade members of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s family, Vera Files head and “fact checker” extraordinaire Ellen Tordesillas pulls no punches. Tordesillas reports on her blog that the videos “look professionally done” and were “uploaded on You…

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