Yellowtards feeling awkward after “Bikoy” tells all!

It must be really awkward for the Yellowtards now that Peter Joemel Advincula (a.k.a. “Bikoy”) admits on record that he lied about everything in his “The Real Narco-list” videos.

Advincula also said his claims were “orchestrated” by Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV and the Liberal Party, a claim immediately denied by an official official of the group and an ally of the lawmaker.

One of the earliest breakers of the first “Bikoy” video was Queen of all Fact Checking in the Philippines, Ellen Tordesillas who exclaimed in a blog she wrote about it, “This is riveting.”

A who’s who of “activists” and influencers followed suit to share the videos.

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One of them is Dr Sylvia Claudio a Professor of “Women and Development Studies” who gushed about Bikoy’s “revelations” in this April 13 tweet

Throughout, the “activist” group Silent No More kept its flock updated on the latest episode of the “Bikoy” series as these came online.

No less than Inquirer editor John Nery himself issued rave reviews about the “Bikoy” videos, proclaiming “THIS is the real (video) scandal” as he too shared a link to the video.

Indeed, the biggest gifts the Yellowtards are giving Filipinos are lessons coming straight out of their own stupidity.

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