Ateneo community calls for removal of John Gokongwei’s name from its School of Management

The administrator of ADMU Freedom Wall, a large community group on Facebook seemingly open to students and alumni of the Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU), recently posted a petition to remove John Gokongwei’s name from the School of Management. The post cites a tweet issued by the Inquirer on its official Twitter account that features […]

Why is there an Anakbayan presence at De La Salle University but none at the Ateneo?

It’s hard to rest easy when you know communist front organisations are on the prowl for fresh blood in the Philippines’ school campuses. According to testimonies in a recent Senate hearing, much of this recruitment happens outside of that tony circle of elite chi chi schools like the Ateneo de Manila and the De La […]


WTF?! Convicted mutineer Antonio Tillanes teaching at the Ateneo??

So let us get this straight. After endangering the lives of thousands of Filipinos and destroying private property using military resources he was entrusted with, the two chi-chiest universities of Katipunan Road are now rewarding former “senator” Antonio Trillanes with a plum teaching job. That’s according to recent news reports… Trillanes said that he would […]


Ateneo de Manila implicated by “Bikoy” in Duterte ouster plot!!

Star whistleblower Peter Joemel Advincula, a.k.a. “Bikoy” flagged officials of chi chi Jesuit school Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU) as possible accomplices in alleged ouster plots against Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. In his sworn statement to the Philippine National Police-Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG), Advincula reportedly related how he had access to key ADMU […]

Is including a #NoToBullying hashtag in the Ateneo’s decision statement appropriate?

The Ateneo administration finally released an “official” decision on the bullying case of Taekwondo champ Joaquin Montesa. The letter was signed by its president Fr. Jett Villarin and published on Twitter… The question is, was it appropriate to add hashtags to what one would have thought is an official document issued by the institution? This […]


Ateneo bullying incident a potential ASSAULT case and should involve the police

This is the right thing to do. According to a Manila Times report, parents of the victim of Ateneo Taekwondo champ Joaquin Montes’s alleged bullying are taking appropriate steps… The victim’s parents accompanied their child to the Quezon City Anonas Police Station where they filed a report of the incident, Chief Supt. Joselito Esquivel told […]


Opposition attempt to POLITICISE Ateneo bullying scandal BACKFIRES badly!

Ahem…products of Ateneo who wreaked havoc in the Philippines: – Noynoy Aquino – Lourdes Sereno – Andy Bautista – Harvey Keh – Jim Paredes – Risa Hontiveros – Kris Aquino You have to wonder what is it about the school that produces sociopathic behaviour. Some say the name of the bully from the Ateneo should […]

New memo is out: Yellowtards OWN outrage over bullying

This is the bukang bibig of Yellowtardom today. People are not allowed to express outrage over the viral bullying video of Ateneo Taekwondo champ Joaquin Montes if they are “silent” on “the bigger bully in Malacanang”. Well, golly gee. It seems to fly over the pointed heads of Yellowtard “influencers” that this is the sort […]


Joaquin Montes was likely a victim of his own psychological issues

Did you see how that Ateneo bully was fixing his hair before he beat the other kid? He was showing signs of narcissistic and psychopathic behaviour. To be fair, Joaquin Montes, the bully from Ateneo knew his Taekawondo moves, but he shouldn’t be using them against kids who can’t fight back. He should only be […]


Dear yellows: You can’t keep bringing up Duterte every time there is an issue involving bullying!

If you are against bullying, then you should be against all bullies and acts of bullying. You don’t even realise you are also a bully for associating every issue with Duterte. Let me see, a lot of yellows are from Ateneo. A lot of bad things are coming out about Ateneo lately and exposing the […]