Ateneo community calls for removal of John Gokongwei’s name from its School of Management

The administrator of ADMU Freedom Wall, a large community group on Facebook seemingly open to students and alumni of the Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU), recently posted a petition to remove John Gokongwei’s name from the School of Management.

The post cites a tweet issued by the Inquirer on its official Twitter account that features a photo of the Gokongwei family doing the “signature Duterte fist bump” taken during Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s visit to Elizabeth Gokongwei’s wake. Mrs. Gokongwei had, this month, passed away a week after her husband John died.

The Ateneo John Gokongwei School of Management (JGSOM) is a prestigious unit of the ADMU and graduates of its elite Management Engineering course are virtually guaranteed first draft pick by the Philippines’ top corporations. In a Facebook post following Mr Gokongwei’s death, ADMU President Jose Ramon Villarin SJ cited Gokongwei as a “benefactor of the Ateneo” and the school “honored to be christened” his name.

The ADMU Freedom Wall community is known as a forum where members call out social and campus issues. Recently it made the news after members posted the names of faculty members at the Ateneo’s Katipunan campus who were allegedly involved in sexual harassment and misconduct incidents.

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