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COMELEC Commissioner @Rowena_Guanzon believes only lawyers and only those from UP and Ateneo are worth her time!

Commission on Elections (COMELEC) Commissioner Rowena Guanzon is obviously not a very classy person. When you are privileged to have earned an excellent education from an excellent school, you do not use that as a means to put down other people. However, this is exactly what Guanzon does in a recent tweet.

Those who are challenging me to a debate about the killing of Corporal Ragos  should do it personally and directly .Baka sumikat kayo, chance nyo na ito. But be sure u graduated from UP Law or Ateneo Law and u are teaching law. Otherwise don't waste my time #BawalAngShunga

Adding credentialism to the arrogance and vanity Guanzon has so far exhibited isn’t helping her cause. What makes her think the Ateneo and UP law schools hold monopolies on good lawyering? For that matter, what makes her think only lawyers make good debaters?

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At a time when people of influence should be espousing inclusiveness and unity, Guanzon is inciting exclusivity and division. This is a dangerous mindset considering she is a senior commissioner of the COMELEC which governs a most vital democratic process. It is disturbing that a person who has a history of abusing her privilege is at the helm of such a critical government agency. Back in 2018, for example, Guanzon reportedly “ran wild” at the airport and issued the all-too-familiar “do you know who I am” threat when she was checked upon by cabin crew concerned about her prolonged use of a public toilet.

However, Guanzon was irked and when she got out, she confronted the first attendant that she saw.

“Do you know who I am? Don’t you know I am a government official? I am going to sue you all. Natalo na nga ako sa game, ginugulo nyo pa ako,” she fumed.

Guanzon should know better than to exhibit such crass behaviour unbecoming of a person of her position. Such behaviour must not be tolerated and such personalities should not be holding such positions in government.

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