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Isko Moreno runs out of English in interview with Karen Davila on ANC

This is painful to watch. ANC anchor Karen Davila knows very well that Manila Mayor Isko Moreno is not a good English speaker. Why does she force the issue by continuing to conduct the interview in English? Because it’s on ANC? On the other hand, Isko falls into the same trap. He forces himself to respond in English.

On the issue of political dynasties, this is one campaign promise which former President Cory Aquino didn’t make good on. It is part of the 1987 Constitution but no enabling law has been passed to enforce it. There are two sides to an issue and this is contentious because both pro and anti arguments have good points. It boils down to the constitutional framework of government structure.

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Consider Singapore as an example. It is a People’s Action Party (PAP) dynasty in the sense that all its Prime Ministers come from the dominant political party. Assuming former President Ferdinand Marcos didn’t declare martial law and the 1971 Constitution was passed, would the Opposition still not participate in the polls? Marcos’ parliamentary government was based on the French model where the President is more powerful than the Prime Minister.

In other countries, the reverse is true. Isko is wrong to say that it is an inherited post because the public either votes for the candidate or not. As the saying goes, six years is too long for a bad President and too short for a good one. The buzz on Isko is the Lopez’s are solidly behind him. They want ABS-CBN to get a new franchise under a potential Domagoso administration.

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