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In life, things are not always what they seem.

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Oooohhh…as if calling me a “minor, minor blogger” is a valid argument. As what they say, people like Maria Ressa who resort to insults are desperate. At least I’m not the one who’s in trouble with the law. Here is Ressa’s desperation on exhibit… Hahahaha – wrong on every point, but once a propagandist, always…

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Florin “Pilo” Hilbay’s only platform for running for a Senate seat is his having topped the Bar exam. And yellows like Jover Laurio are so impressed that he topped it while having a girlfriend on the side. That’s how shallow they are. They assume everyone else is impressed by people who can memorise Philippine laws.…

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Mar Roxas did everything he thought he could do except for the right things. He didn’t need to direct traffic himself, for example. He could have asked the traffic enforcers to do it. He just wanted the cameras showing him doing something. He sucks at delegation and therefore would never have made a good manager…

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Whether the Opposition loses or wins any of their advocacies, they still lose because of their irrational reasoning. Classic example is the news that former First Lady and congresswoman Imelda Marcos’s conviction. The Opposition’s claim that President Rodrigo Duterte is a dictator has been proven WRONG again. If the Opposition say “justice has been served”…

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I don’t think Duterte’s critics are happy about Boracay reopening. They were hoping their suspicions are true – that it was a prelude to Martial Law. We knew back then what a ludicrous notion that was and it is easily validated today what nonsense this is. Indeed, how can the yellows still think “investigative journalist”…

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