Yellowtards cheering PDP-Laban infighting to distract Filipinos from hopeless Opposition prospects for 2022

The editor-in-chief of the Star is all riled up. If you believe what she’s writing then nothing good came out in five years and it’s all been killings, corruption and cronyism. In her piece “The Duterte playbook”, Ana Marie Pamintuan asserts how, following the ascent to power of President Rodrigo Duterte in 2016, the Philippines […]

Why does @1Sambayan need to wait until June 12?

Is this some sort of drumroll tactic? Opposition newsletter Rappler “reports” that top Opposition coalition of the moment, 1Sambayan “would unveil on Independence Day its official list of nominees for president, vice president, and senators whom the group would endorse in the 2022 elections.” It will also “ask Filipinos to vote online and help them […]

#GetRealPhilippines is a TROVE of election analysis going back to 2010

Election fever is officially kicked off and everyone is locked-and-loaded for the media circus coming to town — everyone, that is, but the Yellowtard- and communist-led Philippine Opposition who to, this day, can only hope for a “maybe” (as former Inquirer editor John Nery puts it in his piece today) as far as bagging a […]

Who should Filipinos vote for in the coming elections? It’s none of your business

There is a reason why voting booths are semi enclosed — because The Vote is private. Those who feel they need to shoutout who they’re going to vote for do so because they are presumptuous in their thinking that their opinions matter that much. Rather than proclaim who they are voting for and assume that […]

The Philippine Opposition is united only for their hate of Duterte and not much else as @TonyoCruz points out

I agree with what commie social media “influencer” Tonyo Cruz recently wrote in his Manila Bulletin column… As we enter the new year and approach the elections, those of us so honored by earning Duterte’s ire and his apologists’ hate must be more creative, more courageous, more daring, more united. By all means, wear the […]