Who should Filipinos vote for in the coming elections? It’s none of your business

There is a reason why voting booths are semi enclosed — because The Vote is private. Those who feel they need to shoutout who they’re going to vote for do so because they are presumptuous in their thinking that their opinions matter that much.

Rather than proclaim who they are voting for and assume that others would follow suit on the basis of that endorsement, campaign groupies should, instead, articulate the principles they espouse and leave it to their audience and followers to vet and evaluate the different candidates guided by those principles.

Presumptuous at best, an insult to the intelligence at worst; partisans who shoutout their “personal lists” are no better than the religious cults they criticise for being too prescriptive on their respective flocks’ voting decisions.

The bad habit of personality-based partisanism needs to be stamped out of Philippine politics. It’s time Filipino voters grow up and start focusing on ideas and platforms and less on the publicity stunts and empty sloganeering of traditional politicians.

The Philippine Opposition is united only for their hate of Duterte and not much else as @TonyoCruz points out

I agree with what commie social media “influencer” Tonyo Cruz recently wrote in his Manila Bulletin column…

As we enter the new year and approach the elections, those of us so honored by earning Duterte’s ire and his apologists’ hate must be more creative, more courageous, more daring, more united.

By all means, wear the “badge” of being part of an anti administration community with “pride”. That is, last I heard, what an Opposition do. But do give yourselves a bit more credit and find something more lofty to aspire for and pitch as a compelling vision to Filipinos.

Without such a vision, you will be nothing more than a bunch of disparate cliques pretending to unite around a “good” cause. The reality is, beyond calling for an end to the Duterte government, you all have not much else in common.

Worse, because of a rabid short-sighted focus on ousting a legitimately-elected president, you desperately resort to getting in bed with terrorists out to violently overthrow legal governments in order to install a “dictatorship of the proletariat”.