MASSIVE clustering of Willie Revillame fans threaten thousands with COVID-19 infection!

A disturbing video making the rounds shows an enormous crowd of fans of popular television host Willie Revillame who was reportedly celebrating his birthday last night. Most of the people in the crowd seem to be wearing masks and face shields but are not practicing the prescribed physical distancing between one another.

Tragedy related to irrational fan behaviour is lot new to Revillame. These sorts of irrational emotionalism that he and his employers — past and present — aim to create is no different to the mass hysteria that left 88 dead (some reports say 73) in 2006 as fans of Revillame stampeded for free tickets and big prizes being dangled before them by the producers of the now-defunct ABS-CBN show Wowowee.

Dangerous cluster fandom: Starstruck admirers of TV star Willie Revillame seemingly exempt from arrest despite mandatory distancing violations

Despite this tragedy, the star host of the program Willie Revillame evaded accountability and managed to bag for himself a gig with another practically identical show, this time under the TV5 network, dubbed Willing Willie. The show, which premiered in 2010, went on the become embroiled in another controversy, this time for condoning child exploitation where, in one episode, a six-year-old child was encouraged by Revillame to engage in a striptease act.

It’s high time celebrities and their employers be held accountable for the behaviours they induce in their enormous fan followings.

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