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The latest terrorist attack, this time on a mosque in Zamboanga City that reportedly killed two and injured four, already points to a disturbing emerging trend that follows the recent passing of the Bangsamoro Organic Law (BOL) granting autonomy to several predominantly Muslim provinces. The attack comes within days of a deadlier attack on a…

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The successful ratification of the new “Bangsamoro Organic Law” is a victory long fought for by the Moro Islamic Liberation Front. The BOL is a culmination of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front’s 40-year struggle for autonomy, including on-and-off talks with the government spanning the administration of 4 presidents. As such, it is quite likely that…

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The Philippines’ “vice president” Leni Robredo is renowned for starting every statement with the phrase “ang sa akin lang naman” (in my humble opinion). As in something like this, for example… Ang sa akin lang naman, Martial Law in Mindanao won’t be effective… Blah blah blah… And more of that to the same effect. What…

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