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Poverty is a CHOICE

News flash: governments don’t care if you live or die. It’s not the government’s job to fix your life for you.

Don’t have an education? Read books instead of watching retarded teleseryes. Browse Wikipedia instead of Facebook.

Nobody wants to employ you? Take a good hard look at yourself. Perhaps you’re unreliable, tardy, entitled, or unwilling to learn how to do your job properly.

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Don’t have enough to eat? Well, see those two hectares of land that the government granted to you under CARP? Get out there and plant something. Put some chickens on it. And put some effort in instead of sitting outside the sari-sari store whining that you have nothing to do.

Poverty absolutely IS a choice. Does the government make it hard? Oh yes. They do. If you want to run a business in the Philippines, you’re in for a world of pain. That doesn’t mean that you have to be destitute.

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2 replies on “Poverty is a CHOICE”

Poverty is a choice indeed.
Life is hard in the Philippines but most OFW who live in countries where making the grade financially is a lot easier still remain poor.
In my country the first thing Filipinos do is buy a fancy car, they have all the latest electronic gadgets, send money to relatives without first discerning whether theirs are real needs or wants.
Filipinos who have been living in my country and who should have saved up by now have nothing but utang nang utang and they keep eating out, using their car unnecessarily and using credit cards to buy the latest cell phone.
Poverty is a choice indeed for most

Indeed, general lifestyle of members of a given society seems to remain pegged to deeply-ingrained values and cultural character — evidence of this is the consistency with which Filipinos exhibit their character regardless of the environment or setting.

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