Raissa Robles believes she is the sole authority on “legitimate” journalism

It’s laughable how so-called investigative journalist Raissa Robles got triggered into ranting against an article about journalists. Robles still thinks she is God’s Gift to Journalism when in fact, her only motivation to write is to sell her books against Marcos and Martial Law.

Raissa Robles never criticised the Aquinos and their allies in any significant way. And yet here she is in typical form…

Robles likely refers to is RJ Nieto’s maiden Manila Bulletin article “What, exactly, is a ‘legitimate journalist’?”. But her tweet only seeks to attack Nieto’s character rather than comment on his message.

For that matter, journalists are supposed to report the news, not “throw tomatoes” at the politicians they don’t like. For a so-called “investigative journalist”, most of Raissa’s articles are baseless and mere innuendoes.

Indeed, Robles’s articles are generally all about the “evils” of former President Ferdinand Marcos and the atrocities allegedly committed by the military. However, she never mentions the atrocities committed by the communists who wreaked havoc in Philippine society over a far longer stretch. They got away with their crimes in part because of writers like Robles who prefer to stick to their one-sided take on things.

Respected journalists like Jessica Soho, for example, remain objective even as they deliver confronting messages to their audience. Folks like that serve as an example of what journalism really is. Raissa Robles, on the other hand, brings nothing but shame to her profession.

Richard Heydarian (@RicHeydarian) says RJ Nieto has no right to criticise Leni Robredo because he lacks a college degree

Wow! Richard Heydarian is basically saying that only those with a college degree can criticise public officials like vice president Leni Robredo. This is wrong. We should be promoting egalitarianism where everyone has a voice, even ordinary people. The problem with Philippine society it that it is very credentialist.

Nonetheless, Leni may have a law degree, but you wouldn’t think so seeing the way she talks and analyses things. She’s more like a pabebe. It’s all subjective, of course. What you think is an insult is the truth to some people. And this is why one shouldn’t dismiss other people’s opinion.

Still, Heydarian is quick to defend Robredo

All Filipinos have a RIGHT to express their views, regardless of gender, religion or socio economic background. But to say our VP is empty headed? How on Earth is that NOT insult? Are you blind or playing a fool? Slander, libel, calumny — not exercise of freedom but abuse if it!

Well, then again, it’s hard to disagree with RJ Nieto who pointed out the obvious about the “vice president” in a clever meme that makes use of Heydarian’s pa-clever Inquirer non-article.

We should respect Nieto’s opinion. If he thinks Leni has an empty head, don’t dismiss it simply because you disagree. Perhaps ask him to explain why he thinks Leni has an empty head. Nieto would likely have pretty sound bases for saying Leni is dumb and should not simply be shut down just because you disagree with what he points out.

Tonyo Cruz declares himself one of the “good guys” in a battle between “good” and “evil”!

The title alone says something of the lofty pedestal upon which some “thought leaders” of the Philippine Opposition have set themselves upon. Tonyo Cruz’s piece (Some) evil was defeated published on Rappler presumes to paint a narrative of Good vs Evil with, of course, his handpicked cronies cast as the good guys.

Most bizarre of all, they also declare themselves the winner in this “battle”…

We turned back this unholy triad of fake news peddlers in 2018. They are less effective now. Fewer people follow them. They have lost their posts in government. In the case of Uson, she faces graft and corruption charges which we hope the Ombudsman would hear and investigate immediately.

Cruz is referring, of course, to popular bloggers RJ “Thinking Pinoy” Nieto, Sass Rogando Sasot, and Margaux “Mocha” Uson. Whatever he is claiming is of course subject to debate on the bases of facts — say, engagement statistics or some measure of influence on public opinion based on other metrics. But the crux of Cruz’s message, that these three personalities are “evil” and he and his camp the good guys, is not even worthy of intelligent debate.

As my colleague Ilda observes, “I think it’s very self-righteous of some to declare other bloggers they don’t agree with as ‘evil’. Besides, it’s too early to tell if a popular blogger’s influence is gone. There is no proof of this. We’ll all find out after the mid term election.”

Tonyo Cruz is pretty sure of himself asserting who wears the halo in the “war” he imagines is raging in Philippine society. “Some evil was defeated this 2018. We have to work harder to defeat more of them in 2019,” Cruz crows.

Rappler contributor Tonyo Cruz

But of course. I’m pretty sure everyone is looking forward to seeing what you mean by “working harder” Mr Cruz, because, as far as can be observed, there really is nothing your commie friends and the Yellowtards who coddle them offer to ordinary Filipinos. To be fair, you were handsomely rewarded with the sorts of pats on the back most social climbers would salivate over.

Add to this powerful motivation, the likely reason you cook up this “good versus evil” war — a lame attempt to distract people from real issues. That pretty much sums up the only real strategy the Yellowtard-led Opposition applies to its dishonest bid to seize power again.