Yellowtard social climbers unite under @PinoyAkoBlog and @MrsUnlawyer!

As if they haven’t been burnt enough yet, it seems Jover Laurio of Pinoy Ako Blog and a certain “Mrs Unlawyer” of [what’s her claim to fame nga ba?] remain locked in a mutual back-patting Twitter soiree of sorts. Quite flattering too as they revel over the fact that they had earned respective distinctions as subject of past GRP articles.

Laurio, of course, is a GRP hall-of-famer being, well, the top blogger of Yellowtardom, or so we are reminded continuously by the fact of her being crown princess Filipino of the Year deemed so no less than by the country’s top broadsheet the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

One can be forgiven for admiring Jover Laurio’s ability to get her face front and centre along with her poltical messages…

As for “Mrs Unlawyer”, she may not be as decorated as Laurio but she certainly tries hard enough evidently drawing from a well of moral support supplied by her community of mutual back-scratching amigas. Trouble is, and to give a bit of credit to the earlier princess, “Mrs Unlawyer” lacks a body of online work to substantiate what she actually stands for online. Other than low-brow stunts like inciting violence against other women (which earned her her first GRP mention), “Mrs Unlawyer” has really nothing much to show for all the time she spends on Twitter. Indeed, perhaps she should thank GRP for immortalising her Twitter persona such as in this one where, unfortunately for her, her bald inability to respond to simple challenges to her hollowly-bold assertions is on exhibit.

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Funny enough, it is quite interesting to note that despite a lot of the online scrutiny Laurio attracts to her face (which she once attempted to deal with through an ill-advised lawsuit that later backfired), Laurio continues to soldier on face-first. Now that is something I gotta admit, I admire in Laurio — her ability to put forth a brave face amidst all the commentary on, well, her face.

The same cannot be said of “Mrs Unlawyer”, however who seems to prefer to put a dog between the camera and her mug.

…unlike ‘MrsUnlawyer’ who much prefers having a dog get in the way of proper face time with her audience.

Fair enough. There are many ways to get a message across that does not require directing people’s attention to one’s face. But when you’ve got nothing much to exhibit other than a thousand-odd tweets that, in the scheme of things, serves no more than to assuage one’s need for online validation, well, one would think one would marshal as much of their personal equity as could be brought to bear in their online advocacies, whatever that might be.

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