Yellowtards attack @InaReformina for her religious beliefs but give FAKE NEWS peddler @CBCPnews free pass


Yellowtards are quick to attack journalist Ina Reformina for her religious and personal beliefs. This is another example of the selectiveness with which the Yellowtards apply their nebulous “principles”. They’ve demonstrated this with feminism and human rights. Now they are using religion and personal choices as weapons to shame another person.

Ironic, right?

It’s no wonder that many of the erstwhile noble advocacies taken up by these snowflakes have become degenerate “causes” in the Philippine setting. Thank the Yellowtards for that. The inconsistency with which they’ve bandied these for their orgies of virtue signalling is legendary.

The Roman Catholic Church and its lieutenants in the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), meanwhile, enjoy immunity from the Yellowtards’ lynch mobs whose members selectively pretend to espouse critical thinking. Despite a long tradition of crooked political brokering and abuse of Sunday masses which they’ve turned into propaganda channels, the Catholic Church persists as a no-go-zone for the Yellowtards’ critical scrutiny. Why? Because “prayerfulness” is a pillar of the Yellowtards’ branding and is given blessing by the top honchos of the Catholic Church.

Yellowtards pretend to hate “fake news” yet are, themselves, the top defenders of this scourge. Indeed, they even make use of a list of “fake news sites” endorsed by the Church without at least verifying whether this list is a valid one nor examining the methodology used to determine which is truly a “fake news” site or not.

The Yellowtards are hypocrites to the core. The Opposition need to ditch the them. They really do, that is, if they really want to start winning elections again.

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