Possibility of #ZeroOtsoDiretso2019 is starting to get more and more real!

Kris Aquino is in drama mode following the explosive revelations surrounding the #PABoost Scandal. An Opposition coalition slate promoted by “vice president” Leni Robredo for the 2019 election dubbed “Ocho Diretso” is turning into a pathetic failure-to-launch. The Yellowtard troll and “influencer” army is scattered and in disarray. What now?

Nobody seems to know. For now the Yellowtards are merely following President Rodrigo Duterte’s lead. They are merely reacting to every word he issues. But are the Yellowtards breaking ideological ground? That’s a big Zero there — a one-way street to irrelevance oblivion.

For good or for worse, Duterte blazed a trail no major Filipino politician had treaded in his successful campaign for the presidency. The trouble with the Yellowtards is that they are using the same tactics and messaging that lost them that election. Talk about slow learners!

It’s time the broader Opposition DITCH the Yellowtards. It’s their only shot at a long-shot win in this year’s elections.

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