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Yellowtards trying to cover up the FACT that Leni Robredo is now fat

Not only are the Yellowtards scrambling to make “Opposition leader” Leni Robredo look smarter than she really is, they are also trying to fool Filipinos into thinking that she is still able to pull off her original pa-tweetums look that made her fodder for media glamour shots five years ago. A recent tweet by national […]


LP bloc led by Bam Aquino moved to scrap the War on Drugs budget Leni Robredo now desperately needs

Ironic that “vice president” Leni Robredo who had recently been appointed by Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte to co-lead his War on Drugs would now complain about what she considers to be inadequate funding. Below translated to English in a CNN Philippines report is Robredo’s lament on the measly budget of the operation… Funding set for […]


Possibility of #ZeroOtsoDiretso2019 is starting to get more and more real!

Kris Aquino is in drama mode following the explosive revelations surrounding the #PABoost Scandal. An Opposition coalition slate promoted by “vice president” Leni Robredo for the 2019 election dubbed “Ocho Diretso” is turning into a pathetic failure-to-launch. The Yellowtard troll and “influencer” army is scattered and in disarray. What now? Nobody seems to know. For […]


Dishonest Rappler headline misleads readers into thinking Philippine Senate supports “senator” Antonio Trillanes

Grammatically correct but, in intent, baldly misleading. A Rappler report headlined “Senators praise judge’s ‘courage’ in junking Trillanes arrest” seemingly aims to lead its readers to believe that a majority of Philippine senators harbour favourable sentiments to the plight of their embattled colleague “senator” Antonio Trillanes. The report, however only cites the statements of two […]

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From Yellowtard to “Independent”: Is it too late for Bam Aquino to rebrand himself?

After years working hard to be a Ninoy Aquino lookalike, it seems Senator Bam Aquino is throwing in the towel on his “Laban” for Yellowtardom. This according to a report tweeted by ABS-CBN News quoting Aquino… Aquino: Early on, I’ve made a decision, I have to be independent; I have to be the independent voice […]