Latest Yellowtard ululation: Telling Black Nazarene devotees that they have NO RIGHT to worship!


Yellowtards continue to plumb the lowest-brow notional morsels of the public political discourse. Lately it’s now about nitpicking on the crowds of devotees of the Black Nazarene. According to the Yellowtards, these crowds have no right to worship the Black Nazarene because they are silent on the “tyranny” of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.

(Source: Twitter)

They may as well call for a ban on homosexuals, premarital sex practioners, non-baptised people, and people who go to communion without first going to confession, etc. from attending Sunday mass or having a relationship with God. After all, Catholic dogma is very clear on where it stands with regard to these sorts.

This presumption to be an authority on who has and who does not ave the right to practice their faith in whatever way they see fit is something seemingly unique to the sorts of people who adhere to Yellowtard ideologies. But that’s really not surprising considering that the Yellowtards have long been caught out for the intellectually-dishonest and, for that matter, overall dishonest people that they are.

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