Rappler continues to REFUSE to APOLOGISE amidst revelations it published false and SLANDEROUS material

It’s been more than 24 hours since Eurasia Future director Adam Garrie issued a demand for an apology after Rappler and its research team produced and published a slanderous piece of “investigative journalism” against him.

The Rappler “report” authored by Rapplerettes Vernise Tantuco, Wayne Manuel, Michael Bueza, Glenda Marie Castro and Gemma Mendoza alleges that Garrie maintains “links” with Russia (presumably its government) and that he is part of a network of influence channeled through other noted Filipino bloggers among whom are counted Sass Rogando Sasot and RJ Nieto. The Rappler “report” also suggests that Manila Times columnist Bobi Tiglao is part of this operation on the basis of the number of times he cites Garrie’s work.

The only sensible option for the Rappler team responsible for this travesty against the otherwise noble profession of “investigative journalism” is to face Garrie’s challenge to them head on. Either prove him wrong or, failing that, apologise unconditionally.

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