Leni Robredo can’t speak English. She can’t speak Tagalog either!

Leni supporters are butthurt I pointed out Leni Robredo’s nonsense statement in Tagalog. Instead of acknowledging she didn’t make any sense, they are attacking me as usual. What a bunch of cult followers!

The fact is, Leni is the worst endorser of the Tagalog language. I do not understand what she was trying to say here

Nakalagay pa roon saan kami nagmimiting…Doon daw kami nagmimiting, tapos may mga pangalan pa ng restaurants sa Quezon City. Parang hindi pa ako nakapunta sa mga lugar na iyon. Hindi ko nga alam saan iyon though malapit sa opisina…

It’s hard to believe that there are people who think Leni Robredo can take on the President’s role. Yet her supporters are actually very rabid, which means they are not just settling for her, they actually think she is the next best thing after Noynoy. But she is evidently mediocre and lacking in substance.

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