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UP iskos should wear maroon, Ateneans should wear blue, and Yellowtards should wear black

Yellowtards are now claiming that they were “misinterpreted” in their ill-thought-out initiative to get fans to wear black when they watch the UAAP basketball match between the University of the Philippines (UP) and the Ateneo de Manila. According to these “activists”, they were merely “urging” and not commanding basketball enthusiasts to wear black during the game.

So now they are on a rampage, ganging up on everyone who begs to differ to their “urge” that fans wear black rather than their school colours. That’s just quite typical of the sorts of spoilt brats that constitute this shrill clique of monomanic partisans. It seems the Yellowtards are desperate. They are out on a mission (from God, no less) to politicise beyond all recognition everything that is within their reach.

“What’s wrong po with being united against misogyny, violence and impunity?”, one of these “activists” asks. The question itself misses the point. It comes from the presumption that the position held by the Yellowtards is the absolute right one and that all that is good subscribes to what they believe in. And this is why they fail as a political “movement”. They fail to apply a bit of empathy and acknowledge that people have minds of their own and are capable of holding an opinion that does not necessarily agree with theirs.

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