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Lame forced “unity” colour mars spirit of cutthroat UAAP basketball

Trust millennial “social justice warriors” to take the edge off a basketball game between two top institutions of learning vying for domination of the Tall Man’s Sport. I mean, who goes to a basketball game expecting a love-in, right?

Unfortunately, with a political discourse dominated by SJW snowflakes, even the erstwhile cutthroat sport of Pinoy-style basketball has succumbed to Starbucks-themed gentrification as this call for all fans to “wear black” issued by The Diliman Files (and this by the ADMU Sanggunian) demonstrates…


Wear BLACK to the Game tomorrow!

Our calls:

Support UP and Ateneo by wearing black! Let’s fight as one Katipunan community and let’s call to end violence in our country.

Let’s pass the message!

It seems, partisans and “activists” want EVERYTHING politicised — even that quintessential opiate of the Filipino masses, basketball.

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