Ateneans can’t help being “elitists” in the same way gay people can’t help being gay

It’s the predictable outcome following an athletically “underdog” university going up against a school with the resources and priorities to breed championship basketball teams. Alumni of the University of the Philippines (UP) go to the games to cheer their Maroons then watch as they get routed by the Blue Eagles. Then alumni of the Ateneo de Manila congratulate themselves and suddenly they are derided as “elitists”.

Well, when you go up against the Coños de Manille, expect to be whispered about when they retreat back into their gated subdivisions outside of earshot of the Political Correctness Police. At the end of the day, these are members of a tiny ultra-elite clique of people and families very few Filipinos can even begin to understand.

While the Filipino public at large shaped their perceptions of the rich on a diet of telenovelas and Star Cinema romcoms where the chi chi classes are almost always portrayed as the villains, these true elites grew up knowing exactly who they are and what their place in society is. And, really, there is nothing wrong with that.

As much as that noble puso (heart) went into the “fight” the UP Maroons threw into their game, the Ateneans won because, well, they were raised to believe in an entitlement to and to aspire for nothing less than the top of the social pyramid. This is a community where one’s only real important choice growing up is to take or leave the Great Parental Expectation.

Many did and many left. But most made their choice after the education up The Hill. That is an upbringing that many would like to casually slap the “elitist” label upon. But to those who live and breathe it, it just simply is what it is.

Did the Yellowtards who called on fans to “wear black” walk their talk during the game?

The Opposition led by the Yellowtards should improve the way they co-ordinate their “activism”. After an impassioned call for basketballdom to wear black during Game 1 of the UAAP match between the University of the Philippines and the Ateneo, nobody seemed to have heeded the ill-thought-out “urge”.

Not even Yellowtard senatorial candidate Florin Hilbay could be counted upon to toe the line. Hilbay stayed true to Yellowtard form though, contributing to the desperate effort to politicise all big events beyond all recognition.

[Credit Roman Surtida for the tweet that inspired the title.]

UP iskos should wear maroon, Ateneans should wear blue, and Yellowtards should wear black

Yellowtards are now claiming that they were “misinterpreted” in their ill-thought-out initiative to get fans to wear black when they watch the UAAP basketball match between the University of the Philippines (UP) and the Ateneo de Manila. According to these “activists”, they were merely “urging” and not commanding basketball enthusiasts to wear black during the game.

So now they are on a rampage, ganging up on everyone who begs to differ to their “urge” that fans wear black rather than their school colours. That’s just quite typical of the sorts of spoilt brats that constitute this shrill clique of monomanic partisans. It seems the Yellowtards are desperate. They are out on a mission (from God, no less) to politicise beyond all recognition everything that is within their reach.

“What’s wrong po with being united against misogyny, violence and impunity?”, one of these “activists” asks. The question itself misses the point. It comes from the presumption that the position held by the Yellowtards is the absolute right one and that all that is good subscribes to what they believe in. And this is why they fail as a political “movement”. They fail to apply a bit of empathy and acknowledge that people have minds of their own and are capable of holding an opinion that does not necessarily agree with theirs.

Lame forced “unity” colour mars spirit of cutthroat UAAP basketball

Trust millennial “social justice warriors” to take the edge off a basketball game between two top institutions of learning vying for domination of the Tall Man’s Sport. I mean, who goes to a basketball game expecting a love-in, right?

Unfortunately, with a political discourse dominated by SJW snowflakes, even the erstwhile cutthroat sport of Pinoy-style basketball has succumbed to Starbucks-themed gentrification as this call for all fans to “wear black” issued by The Diliman Files (and this by the ADMU Sanggunian) demonstrates…


Wear BLACK to the Game tomorrow!

Our calls:

Support UP and Ateneo by wearing black! Let’s fight as one Katipunan community and let’s call to end violence in our country.

Let’s pass the message!

It seems, partisans and “activists” want EVERYTHING politicised — even that quintessential opiate of the Filipino masses, basketball.