Will the #BabaeAko feminist “movement” support Gretchen Fullido?


Nobody seems to be holding their breath waiting for the Philippines’ monopoly feminist “movement” #BabaeAko to raise a stink over embattled ABS-CBN News anchor Gretchen Fullido. Fullido recently filed sexual harassment charges against several ABS-CBN execs in a move that rocked a bastion of Opposition media propaganda.

The trouble with the community of #BabaeAko “activists” is that most if not everyone of them is associated with the Yellowtard community who are, at the moment, the self-appointed “leaders” of the Philippine Opposition. Thus these so-called feminists are caught between a rock and a hard place.

This echoes past incidences of selective “activism” amongst Filipino “feminists” such as the time the wife of fugitive COMELEC chairman Andy Bautista came under fire from Yellowtards seeking to discredit her statements hinting at her husband’s trove of unexplained wealth. Suffice to say, no #BabaeAko “feminist” came to her defense.

So much for genuine activism in the Philippines. Because, in the Philippines, everything is partisan in nature.

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