“All the allegations of Gretchen Fullido on Chair and Maricar, who is Chair’s partner are true”

I’ve been with ABS-CBN News for the past 17 years so I know the history of [Cheryl “Chair” Favila’s] rise to power. It started when @maria_ressa promoted Chair to take over the job Maria’s married partner @bethfrondoso vacated. Chair was different from Beth because she rubbed elbows with the anchors and upper management, while Beth kept to herself and just followed the direction of Maria.

Chair was loved by the Anchor like Kabayan, Ted, and maintained good relationships with Ces, Marie and Pinky Webb. This is the main reason why Ces and Marie gave testimonies on Chair’s character, without knowing that Chair altered their statements to suit her case.

All the allegations of Gretchen Fullido on Chair and Maricar, who is Chair’s partner are true. Even the lengthy months of internal investigation proved that, and ABS-CBN let her go. Chair’s press release was she left for “health reasons.” During the course of investigation, Chair maintained her innocence because doesn’t believe she did anything wrong. She didn’t see anything wrong with inviting Gretchen out, asking GF to send her a sexy video. Chair had an unhealthy obsession with GF. She loved her, yet tried to control her at the same time. Chair thought she would win her internal case because of her strong relationships with the Anchors and she had a tight grip on TV Patrol. She couldn’t imagine anyone running Patrol, with her years of experience, and with the company’s freeze hiring, she thought she was indispensable. She was wrong.

As for Ces and Marie, even when they knew before hand that Chair altered their statements, they never bothered to reach out to GF and clear their name. They both didn’t care about GF. While the allegations about them are untrue, they’re still at fault with not truly supporting GF with her cause by informing her of what Cheryl did to them. This is a lesson they are learning the hard way.

As for Management, the mandate was since cases is already filed in court, they will let law dictate what will happen to their people. Now don’t admire ABS-CBN for believing the process and rule of law. Reality is, they’re not worried because they don’t have any legal liability.

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