The Yellowtards are preoccupied with writing brain-dead lists of senators to vote for (and not to vote for)


Every Yellowtard and her dog is coming up with a list. As if Santa Claus was coming to town. They say they need to fill finalise a list of 12 Yellowtard and Martial Law Crybaby candidates to ensure they have the numbers in Congress to “block” every one of the moves of the Duterte government.

For the Yellowtards it seems there is no cause nobler than being anti Duterte and anti anything to do with the “Martial Law Years”. You wonder then what it would be like in a country the agenda of which is, again, set by the Yellowtards — the same way it was for 30 years since 1986. The same No-to-This and No-to-That crybaby agendas.

More importantly, what different thing do the Yellowtards propose beyond being anti Duterte and anti Marcos? Is there anything else other than this monumental 30-year butthurt they keep trying to get every Filipino to suffer?

It is strange that The Vote According to Yellowtardom is hinged on a fear of an imagined “looming dictatorship”. Beyond that, there is not much else on offer. Check out the reasons behind the choices of the Yellowtards to get a load of the banal lack of imagination that they apply to their politics.

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