Marcos this Marcos that. Martial Law this Martial Law that. Is that all there is to Filipino “activism”?

Opposition “activism” in the Philippines seems to be suffering from a bad case of Lechon Manok Syndrome. Like those other business fads like Shawarma, milk tea, and, yes, the jeepney, Lechon Manok businesses sprung up all over Manila in price-crushing numbers that eventually doomed a once lucrative enterprise.

In the same way, the lack of innovation in the tired rhetoric of Filipino “activists” and the broader Opposition they have infested has significantly flattened the value of their proposition to Filipino voters. One wonders how long one name — Ferdinand Marcos — and one “era” — the “Martial Law Years” — can fuel an entire Opposition narrative.

What Filipinos need is a forward-oriented reform movement that builds upon a prospect of constructive change. Unfortunately, Filipino voters are getting nothing of that sort from their obsolete Yellowtard-led Opposition who suffer an acute deficit in originality. They offer nothing other than a pitch based on a fear they encourage Filipinos to use as their political security blanket. Beyond that, they see no other future.

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