Yellowtards now OWN “dissent” and have perverted it beyond recognition


Think of the word “dissent” from a global perspective and you imagine the art of Banksy and the poetry of Bob Dylan.

Focus this perspective into the tiny pinhole through which the entire intellectual and cultural landscape of Philippine society can be spied and you will see no more than the shrill whiney crybaby voices of “woke” Filipino “millennials” claiming undeserved ownership of the notion of “dissent”.

A movement to “dissent” cannot at all be credible when it is owned by a bunch of fair-skinned, village-raised, latte-sipping, iPad-tapping, private-school-educated, church-going, Pringles-fed “millennials”.

As with most things the “dissent” movement in the Philippines as driven by the self-described disente crowd is a poor copy of the original and one that attracts cringe rather than induce goosebumps, derision rather than inspiration.

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