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From Yellowtard to “Independent”: Is it too late for Bam Aquino to rebrand himself?

After years working hard to be a Ninoy Aquino lookalike, it seems Senator Bam Aquino is throwing in the towel on his “Laban” for Yellowtardom. This according to a report tweeted by ABS-CBN News quoting Aquino…

Aquino: Early on, I’ve made a decision, I have to be independent; I have to be the independent voice in the Senate. I stand by that. #BeyondPolitics

Note the hashtag “beyond politics”. Clearly it took Aquino years of his political career to stumble upon that epiphany.

Unfortunately for Aquino, scrubbing off the yellow stain ain’t that easy. It does not just involve a change in wardrobe. There are many links to legacies that need to be cut. One is the poisonous relationship the Yellowtards maintain with the Roman Catholic Church. To be genuinely “beyond politics” that relationship needs to be ditched as well.

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A change in colour does not mask a deeper rot and a penchant for intellectual dishonesty.

If Aquino is truly sincere in his newfound mission to distance himself from Yellowtardom he will most certainly earn the respect of an electorate long-over the bullshit of this obsolete narrative.

For now, abangan ang susunod na kabanata. Talk is cheap. Rebranding is good for appearances. But, ultimately, results demonstrate achievement.

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