Does the Yellowtard-led “coalition” represent everything the Philippine Opposition’s got?


If it does, then it is a sad day for Philippine democracy. It is, indeed, ironic that the Yellowtards shriek over their imagined “death” of “democracy” for it is in the manner with which they mount an “opposition” to the popular administration of President Rodrigo Duterte that we see a much more horrible, slower, more agonising death.

For one thing, such a “coalition” does not stand for anything as it is, by design, a mere election-winning machine — a motley group of disparate political cliques that share nothing beyond a common subscription to Ouster Politics. The Yellowtards have their coup d’etat end-game veiled by their “Laban” rhetoric, and the communists have their “Dictatorship of the Proletariat” platform only barely-masked by their leaders’ quaint forays into legit political processes.

It is surprising to note that Yellowtards still wear yellow.

What punctuates the lameness of this “Opposition”, is that there is nothing new — much less revolutionary — on offer — just a “revolution” that is, in practice by this “coalition”, a mere platitude made worthless by decades of overuse in utterly unoriginal “activism”.

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